The ELES 4 Africa Conference:

The ELES4A conference is dedicated to fostering the applications of learning technologies for education, training and workforce and also, the application of e-Health Technologies for public health in Africa. The goal is to bring together people actively involved in these sectors in the African continent with world experts. The conference provides excellent workshops that promote the use of new-generation e-Learning solutions and their application in the development of distance education programs aligned to international standards. Also, the conference promotes the application of e-Health technologies for public health in Africa.

The conference is organized in October every other year, in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa.

ELES honors and celebrate every other year the lifelong achievements of global E-Learning and E-Health practitioners as well as  Public Policy makers for their contribution to global education. This year we celebrate the renaming of the ELES Excellence Awards as ELES4Africa Mandela Awards. The Mandela Awards 2014 will be held in the sengalese Island of GOREE.


ELES 4 Africa: Conference Themes 2014 

  1. Building Capacity and Adopting Public Health Technologies For Development
  2. Next-Generation Learning Technologies For Education and Training
  3. National Strategy for Economic and Social Development (NSESD): Linking North to South
  4. ELES4A Mandela 2014 Excellence Awards


ELES 4 Africa Strategic Partners 2014

Senegal Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

Senegal Ministry of Higer Education and Research

Senegal Rising 2014

University Cheikh Anta Diop System

Southern University System

UCAD Alumni Foundation

Southern University System Foundation

MERLOT Global Organization









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